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Texas A&M University Stop Hazing Initiative


Answer True or False for the questions below.

  1. Hazing not only happens at the college level, but also in high schools, middle schools, and homes.
  2. Someone has died on a college campus every year since 1970 because of hazing.
  3. Hazing is a problem for Fraternities and Sororities primarily.
  4. Hazing is no more than foolish pranks that sometimes go wrong.
  5. As long as there is no malicious intent, a little hazing should be O.K.
  6. Hazing is an effective way to teach respect and develop discipline.
  7. If someone agrees to participate in an activity, it can’t be considered hazing.
  8. Hazing is a criminal offense in all 50 states.
  9. Sleep deprivation is a form of hazing.
  10. If you were hazed, it’s OK to haze other members, because it is tradition.
  11. Most hazing related activities and deaths involve alcohol.
  12. Most people who haze others have a low self image/self-esteem.

From Campus Speak-National Hazing Prevention Week

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